Image This award comes from an inspiring and beautiful blogger bipolarmuse who expresses her griefs and moments of joy of her life in such a beautiful way that even sympathy and pain smile at her positive shining face. She has got a beautiful gift of expressing her life in poetic rhymes and amazing writings. Her words come direct from her heart, reshaped in love, they touch the very human inside us. The way she presents and projects her life in true form, without any curves, is just so inspiring for bloggers like me who always long for ideas and suggestions that may help them improve their life. Thank You so much Riss Cris for such a wonderful award. I’m so glad to know that I inspired you through my writings. I’m happy, honored and more than that ‘amazed’ to receive this inspiring gift.

Now, as the rules for this award say, you have to pick 7 bloggers that are truly inspiring to you. Once you have listed them, tell a little about how they have inspired you.

Once you have done that, next thing you have to do is to tell your readers 7 things about yourself that probably would not come up in one of your blog entries.

My 7 most inspiring blogs, in no particular order:

1) madhvimad – Madhvi Mahajan is really inspiring. Her poems inspire me with the emotions she merges with every word. She is motivating, uplifting and encouraging.

2) Source of Inspiration – Pat Cegan is such a positive woman. Her poems are filled with voices of nature itself. Her writings make me feel the freshness of nature and beauty of LOVE instantly.

3) Music From the Heart – Sara Potenza Nicholls is very inspiring woman. Her musical compositions merged with beautiful poetry gives me positive vibes. She inspires me with her melodious compositions. She has a beautiful soul.

4) A Song of Heart – Very inspiring blog highlighting various aspects of life and answering the questions we’re always curious for. His way of expressing what he truly believes, is simply amazing.

5) Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary – Such an inspiring and motivating blog and blogger. Her posts reflect her awakened conscious.

6) The Alternate Economy – A hub of information and inspiration merged with positive action. Tristan Nagler is very inspiring person who believes in NOW! He has amazing plans and proposals for better life of one and all. Very inspiring in his words, he is a man of positive beliefs.

7) ram0ram note book – A place where you’ll find everything inspiring. Truly inspiring blog which gives you an opportunity to connect with other inspiring bloggers. A very nice and unique approach.

Now, I’ve to tell 7 things about me that I wouldn’t put up in my blog. Well, my blog tells everything about me… it will be quite difficult to find out!

1) My family is truly inspiring.

2) I’m weak in calculations and planning.

3) Deep inside, I’m very romantic at heart.

4) I’m a daydreamer……sometimes lost completely without even noticing where I am standing….lol

5) I hate being logical…..I trust my instinct.

6) Sometimes, I feel connected to a powerful energy and this takes me to another dimension.

7) I’m a student and I hate exams……p.s. all

I hope every one participates!

Spread the awareness and love.

©Varun K. Sharma

About varungenius

Hi everyone! I’m Varun K. Sharma from INDIA. I’m a student of Mechanical Engineering, but not just that! I have passion for photography, singing, sketching and thinking. Yes! Thinking is one of my passions! My dreams are not very uncommon but the way I want to achieve them certainly is! I believe that this nature that surrounds us is all energy. It’s all filled with different forms of energy, the most powerful of them being the energy of LOVE. I believe that anything, no matter how worse, can be cured, solved or corrected with LOVE. The only fact is that very few people realize this reality. So, I’ve decided to spread the message of LOVE & LIGHT throughout this sphere of living forms. I’ve been practicing meditation for over an year and it has helped me realize many things, about ME and MY REALITY where I live in. I’m an optimist who looks at things differently and sometimes credited with the title ‘crazy’ by many who don’t understand my words (quite familiar now… I’m spiritual, not religious though! If my spirituality guides me towards religion, then I’m religious. But I respect every religion, every language, every tradition, every culture and every creature. And yes, I’m a believer in GOD too. I firmly believe that the invisible matrix of energy that surrounds us and of which we are a part, is GOD Himself. That’s my belief……..doesn’t mean you have to believe the same! Everyone has his own circle of thoughts, ideas and beliefs and nothing goes wrong as long as done with dedication and positive approach. I’m a nature lover, so most of my blogs are related to nature only. Most of my posts will be based on real-life situations and difficulties that we face in our everyday life. I try being innovative, thinking deep and thinking new! My perspective towards life is very uncommon. I love to help others and bring them out from the sorrows and addictions of fake world to the real and absolute world. I believe that LIFE IS WHAT WE BELIEVE IT TO BE…..!

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  1. dear and divine …… with love and gratitude accept your award for my blog ram0ram note book ….. and thank you for your kind words … all.

  2. And thank you my friend for such beautiful words. ♥ Your kindness really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. xo

  3. Congrats dear.. you really do deserve this one.. I’m very happy for you.
    Btw your those 7 things one can easily know from your blog posts.. specially the third one :P

    anyways keep blogging and smiling :D

  4. Thank you for this Nomination Varungenius~ I greatly thank you for thinking of me.. As to when I will fullfil this wonderful award I am already behind on several others, But It will be honoured in due course this I promise.. Blessings and Gratitude.. ~Sue Dreamwalker

  5. And I forgot to say to you Varungenious, CONGRATULATIONS! on your own acheivement of being nominated for this Award.. Well deserved! :-)

  6. thank you for nominating me varun! and heartiest congratulations to u too!! u deserve it!

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