WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Geometrical Perspective

From the house of physics, geometry, mathematical equations, reasoning and life altering arguments, here’s a new article that explains the true nature of ‘BEGINNING’. Beginning what? Anything! It can be your career, studies, research, travel plans, ceremonies, further studies, parties, courses, marriage, business plans, further further studies, picnics, tours, hangouts, etc. When should you start all these, or any of these, depends entirely on you and nothing or no one else.

Now, the first question that comes in mind while reading the above passage is ‘what about situations!’ Situations, sometimes, seem to force the decisions you make but actually it’s you who decides when to start something and when not to!

Let’s introduce the geometrical part (for the mathematical geeks who always need equations, shapes and theorems to even start looking at the words) to explain the validity of the above said arguments.

To shape something, you need a point to start with. Then you need a line, then group of lines joined together and oriented differently to create the final shape. From the basic shapes like triangle, circle, rectangle, square, star, to complex shapes like drawing of a fish, a tree, a mountain, a face, etc. you need to start somewhere. You need to plot a point. Where you plot the starting point is entirely your decision to make.

Now let’s bring situations into the picture. Imagine the boundaries of the page, on which you are drawing, as a situation. In order to complete the shape, you need to start at such a point on the page that the shape completes within the boundaries of the page. And if you start at a point where shape can’t be completed, then you have to extend the boundaries of your page. This would mean to bring in an extra page and complete the remaining part on that page. This is transformation of the situation (here defined by ‘a single page’) into an opportunity (here defined by ‘bringing in an extra page’).

This simply means that you can decide where and when you would like to start something. Either you decide to complete the shape by being inside the situation or you find an opportunity and go beyond the boundaries of situations, and then complete the shape.

Going beyond the boundaries? That seems theoretical but not practical, right? So let’s crack this mystery together!

The drawing of a shape on a page can be done by two kinds of approaches:

  • Top-down approach
  • Down-top approach

If you are not aware of the complete situation (in this case the boundaries of the page), then anywhere you start will be a risk because your starting point may be very close to the boundaries. This is known as down-top approach. You start from lower levels, i.e. from the local area of the page, unaware about its boundaries because you can’t see them from your level.


As you can see, you started close to the boundary of the page because your local area doesn’t give you any idea about where the boundaries lie. So in order to complete your shape you have to add an extra page. That means you have to turn your situation into an opportunity by bringing in an extra page, which is quite difficult, though not impossible.


If you are aware of the complete situation, then you are aware about where the boundaries of your page lie. And once you know the boundaries, it’ll be very clear to you where to plot a starting point. Page 2 will not be needed at all! This is known as top-down approach. You start by looking at the page as a whole (the situation as a whole). You start from the big picture! And once you are aware of the dimensions of the page, you will obviously start at a relevant point.

From the above two passages, you can summarize that in order to create a shape (any task that you do or any wish that you make or any dream that you want to accomplish), you need to be aware of the situation first – the boundaries you are working in! And if you aren’t, then there is no other way but to move outside the boundaries of the situation and complete the shape. This means that you have to move to an area where you have never been before! This may or may not be within your comfort zone. You have to jump into it to know about it.

Whether you follow the top-down approach or the down-top approach, you are correct in doing either way. None of the approaches is wrong or absurd but both are right. The decision lies with you, whether you wish to move out of the situation and complete your task or you wish to complete your task by remaining inside the situation well aware of the constraints it pushes on you.

Solutions lie everywhere, even inside the boundaries of the page and also beyond them. You have to decide which approach you would like to follow. Both are options and nothing forces you to choose between them. If you choose any one of the two, it will be only your decision! Doesn’t matter where you start, if you truly wish to complete the picture, then you certainly will even if extra page is required or not!

Good luck with your choice!

And by the way, Part 2 coming soon ;)


Dedicated to all the employed ones ;) :p

We eat the same food,
We earn the same money,
We travel the same places but still…
Your plate is bigger than mine,
Your face is brighter than mine,
Maybe your job is better than mine.better-job-24281717

I work the code all day,
You just make a few clicks,
My time ends in sway,
You’re making crosses and ticks,
Seems like I’m the one who’s stuck,
I’m the only one,
Who needs a better job,
That satisfies me a ton.

Still your plate is bigger than mine,
Maybe your work is relaxing than mine,
How do I get the same,
The rest, the work so lame,
That earns me the same money,
Makes my life pleasant and sunny.

Ask your boss to give me a chance,
Tell him I’m interested in such motionless dance,
Praise a little, mould a little,
Let me see your world at a glance,
I, too, need a bigger plate,
Where work is done on an invisible slate,
Bring me the papers I need to sign,
As I’m not happy with this work of mine,
Because your plate is still bigger than mine.


Why are we here? We all may have different answers or no answer at all! It is said that there are two most important days in in our life, one, the day we were born and second, the day we realize why we were born! Each one of us has some goal we are born with. However weird it may sound, it’s ours! And we work our entire life to reach that goal. Though there are hurdles on the way, but the one who has no fear for the situation and the consequences, is the one tagged with “success”. We are here not just for living as if passing each day and being thankful to ourselves and others for assisting us in making it a day not too long for boredom. We are all here for some higher purpose and obviously this purpose is not ‘counting the hours and passing the days’. To know our purpose, we think, and then act accordingly and if it suits our interest, we believe we are on the right path.  But, is that it? Is this how we come to know what we need?

Well, if we expand a little (in consciousness), we’ll find a remarkable way to uncover the mystery in the book of our goals. Any path that leads us to our happiness and our happiness alone is not the right path.  Just because we feel happy about walking along that path, doesn’t make it right. The path we have chosen must not interfere with the happiness of others. For example, if I like playing guitar when I am in a melodious mood, but the surroundings are disturbed by activity, then what should I do? Should I stop playing? But that would mean sacrificing my own happiness for the sake of others well-being and comfort. What to do then? Simply, change the situation; alter the whole scenario. How? Close the door! If not possible, then play somewhere else where there’s no one to be annoyed by the music. Need more alternatives? OK. What about involving others too in the activity! Or the most weird, difficult or whatever you may call it, “change the activity”! By that, I didn’t mean to stop playing. What about me being involved in what others are doing rather than expecting them not to be disturbed! Difficult? Weird? Nonsense? Yes. It may be! But this is where I would like to establish the base of my statement.

Do what you like, but don’t let your actions spoil others’ fun!

When changing the situation doesn’t work, why not change to the situation! Sometimes, things may seem out of control. What do we do then? It seems we can’t control the situation anymore, so wouldn’t it be better if we change to the situation! Well, that needs courage and fearlessness, but that is what will make us more adaptive to the surrounding world. And that is what will eventually lead us to our goal. Try it! We all have heard the famous quote, “Change is the law of nature”, and that’s completely valid and true. But change what or who? That depends entirely on our choice.

Choose wisely!


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