When my mind wanders!

Wandering mind

I look around and see people running; from what, or towards what, I have no idea! But they are running, probably out of time, as they always say. Or maybe running from something they did and maybe couldn’t face. Bags on their shoulders, money in their pockets, watches on their wrists, nice colourful clothes, different styles, but no smile on their faces. Aren’t they happy? Well, maybe they are, but too busy with their daily chores that they don’t get time to express themselves that efficiently. Everyone’s looking for something, always on the run for a treasure hunt. From the crowd of millions, I’m unable to identify the minds that follow their dreams. Maybe I lack the ability to see or maybe there really aren’t enough.

Cars honking, traffic lights glowing, roads jammed, highways busy, trains full, where is everybody going? Where are they headed to?
What motivates them to follow their routine? What would happen if they stop for a while?  Do they really want to do what they are doing, or are they told to do so? How can one not follow his heart! What or who forces them to stand in line and wait!

I listen to the whispers around and hear more complains and less appreciation. When life’s every decision is theirs to make, then why can’t they hold themselves responsible for where they are! Why do they keep complaining if that doesn’t bring a smile on their faces? What good does it bring! Why complain for something for which you are the only one who’s responsible!

Money is never enough, still they need more! What’s the purpose of “Just-keep-on-saving-and-use-no-more” methodology! Why live for future when earning is for now! Why miss the present, when future is uncertain, unpredictable!

Can dreams be bought? Or can they be sold? I lose myself when I see all these things around everyday. But when I stop and think about myself, I often think if I am running too; if I am the same or different? Do I belong to the crowd or do I stand out? Have I, too, sold my dreams? I guess not!!

Beautiful Life !

The sun sets in the west,
Goes yellow to orange to red,
It’s way of telling the world,
That it’s time to go to bed!

River flows downstream,
With melodious splashing sound,
Together with refreshing green,
It’s the beauty nowhere to be found!

Birds and animals live in balance,
The strong defeats the weak,
Even a new born baby bird,
Knows how to use its beak!

People are becoming smart,
Things going smarter,
Issues and complains are replacing,
Joy, satisfaction and laughter!

People killing people,
Bodies harassed and used,
Minds are corrupted,
Even kindness sounds rude!

To what we all face,
In this cycle of existence called “life”,
We keep moving on,
On the sharp edge of knife,
With miracles, wonders, coincidences,
This is beautiful life!!

LOVE – The Unexplained (Always Together)

I live among the stars,

Those shine by your light,

Let my love be yours,

And you be mine tonight,

All I think of is You,

Holding me close and tight,

We may not see each other,

But we are never out of sight.

I remember your song,

And the way you sing it right,

That whispering shine in your eyes,

Makes my heart go light,

Your compassion gives me freedom,

And gives no reason to fight,

I feed on your love,

And it makes me bright.

There’s a lot more to tell,

But no more words I gather,

I wish to live till the end,

With you, always together!!

What’s beyond this universe?

Well, maybe another universe(s)!

Is it possible that there are other universes – the ones which are governed by highly modified or completely different laws of nature? If yes, then what will it look like? Will I exist there too? Will I be a different person there? Maybe I’ll have a different job and I’ll be a totally different personality with different set of talents! It’s hard to predict but it’s quite amazing to imagine how it would be like in a totally different world.

Talking of universes, the one we live in (or the part of it which we have known so far) is the one that vibrates at such an energy level that falls under the range of our visible spectrum; and so we are able to sense it. But what about the part of the universe that vibrates at energy levels beyond our perceptional range? We can’t sense that part of universe because our sense organs are not designed for that purpose. But just because we can’t see a part of something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t really exist!

According to cosmologists, we have discovered and explored only a tiny part of the universe due to limited technology and our limited senses. For instance, imagine a ball kept right in front of you. You can see it clearly; you can touch it; you can hear the sound of it hitting the wall. Now visualize the ball to be made of many minute fragments of the size of an atom. We all know that matter is composed of atoms which are bound to each other by forces of attraction and repulsion to form molecules, crystals, unit cells, and ,therefore, objects. If the ball is made of such atoms, then the reason it appears to us as solid is that its atoms vibrate at such frequencies which are perceivable by us. If the atoms start vibrating at a range outside our visible spectrum, we won’t be able to see the ball. In such a case, where will the ball be? Does it simply vanish into thin air? I don’t think so! The ball is still there but we are not able to see it because it has gone outside our visible frequency range. Can we say that the ball has gone to another universe? Think about it!

A world where things are composed of similar structure but the atoms they are made of vibrate at frequencies different from those of our world; what would you call such a world – perhaps a super universe or a sub universe or a parallel universe!

“Thoughts become things” and if that’s true then it certainly means that we can alter the reality by thinking about things differently. So if somehow we raise our vibrations of perceiving things, maybe we can see things which are beyond our visual range and that were earlier invisible. If we vibrate at higher frequency levels, then maybe we can travel through universes too.. Our understanding of the universe is limited and so we can’t be sure whether such worlds exist in one single universe or each one of them forms a separate universe. But one thing is certain that there is a possibility of existence of such mysterious worlds and it will be quite challenging to imagine how living in those worlds would be like!


Have you ever tried thinking of nothing – no thought, no imagination, no day-dreaming? Do you think it’s even possible to do so? I guess I have something to say about it!

There is a way of doing it and that’s through meditation. A person, when in meditative state, thinks of nothing but is aware of everything. But what is it like to be in meditative state? What is its nature? Is it good? Does it give a feeling of being happy? Or is it bad or drives you into a sense of loneliness? Does one feel real or delusional?

I don’t have much knowledge about meditation and its various terms and techniques, but what I know about it is enough to explain the state of mind I’m in during meditation. Few years ago, I used to believe that mind and brain point towards the same entity. It was in the initial stages of my meditation sessions when I realized that I was wrong!

As I continued my sessions, the distinction between mind and brain became clearer and clearer. Now, I know that brain is the processing unit of the body as mind is of soul or instinct (or whatever name you would like to associate it to!). Brain stores thoughts, memories and experiences whereas mind creates them. Brain generates the neural map or network whereas mind generates consciousness.

But what happens when a person dies? His brain stops working as blood supply is cut-off, but what about the mind, and the consciousness? Where does it go? Does it degrade or disperse, just like the brain or does it continue to exist?

Meditation didn’t give me any answers but it showed me things which I earlier thought, never existed! Hints, clues, signs just keep on connecting and form an answer! It’s like the dots that make the big picture were missing earlier and now they’ve started appearing, clearer than ever!

It is so fascinating to know that consciousness isn’t attached to anything at all. It keeps floating and vibrating in space. It’s not somewhere in the brain or anywhere near the heart but is scattered everywhere. And we keep sharing a part of our consciousness with others in this common matrix called the universe. What’s more amazing is the fact that it never dies or withers away’. Even when the body dies, consciousness keeps floating, vibrating, moving from one entity to another. It can even exist without a physical entity. It is the origin of creation and the end of it! And in those delightful sessions when I was in deep meditative state, the sense of nothingness was the sense of consciousness.

All That I Need…

Give me a hand, that I can hold,

With the promise to keep it warm,

Younger I am, or if I get old,

I won’t intend to harm,

Hear my voice, I want to say,

That love is all I am,

Look into my eyes, there’s a way,

That goes beyond my name.

The world is unjust, filled with greed,

A few are full, while many don’t eat,

How much is it that you need,

To walk on money, beneath your feet,

There’s so much grief, and so love there is,

All I have is a half-grown seed,

If love in my life are the choices of His,

Then this is all that I need…!!

My Wish For You!


Together we stayed,
In a different world of ours,
Together we prayed,
And shared extraordinary powers,
You believed in God,
I believed in you,
Every story you told,
I considered it true.

Your tongue-twisting recipes,
Tortured me high,
But to make you smile,
I never gave up to try,
My reluctant habits,
And your scoldings rhymed,
But you always knew,
I was one of a kind.

We argued less, and talked more,
Everything I asked, got it right at door,
When there was a war, I was by your side,
And when you went slow, gave you a motivation ride,
Silly jokes and endless laughs,
Your crazy acts have their own class.

We may be apart,
In space but not heart,
In your every special moment,
I’d love to be a part,
Of all the moments,
That I couldn’t attend so far,
I think of them every day,
I think of them every hour.

The world may fail to keep you altogether,
Who you really are, will ultimately matter,
Keep your faith strong,
Always believe in something,
My wish for you is a prayer,
That only good will be your blessing!

Happy Birthday dear sis :)