LOVE – The Unexplained (A Thousand Miles)

Few things I am that I’m not supposed to be,
Crazy like a kid and stubborn like a tree,
And still when I don’t walk a single step,
You go a thousand miles just to see me.

Too much I expect,
Your care and respect,
And still when I don’t talk about it,
You go a thousand miles to prove them to me.

I don’t bake you bread,
I don’t make your bed,
I don’t do things that make you thank me,
But You go a thousand miles to appreciate me.

Beauty is my foe,
My every answer is a ‘no’,
I don’t wear clothes you want me in,
But you go a thousand miles to embrace me.

Everything I’m not, you make me,
This road or that, you take me,
I’ll hold on to your finger and as the time flies,
I’ll walk with you a thousand miles.



A girl I am,
Sweet and little,
Not a tool to be used,
Or a food to nibble,
Cuddle my cheeks,
Not my parts,
Make me laugh,
Don’t give me scars,
I’m a doll, not a toy,
Bring me love, giggles and joy.

Sing me rhymes,
That I understand,
Don’t say words,
That I can’t stand,
Gift me chocolates,
That I like so much,
Bring me candies,
That I can crunch,
Don’t give me food,
Bigger than my mouth,
Don’t make me quiet,
When I urge to shout.

Teach me nice,
Don’t set my price,
Look at my smile,
Not my body agile,
Ask me to sing,
Don’t bite or sting,
Give me a name,
Don’t put me to shame,
Hug me tight when I cry,
Lift me up in the air high,
Buy me some beautiful dresses,
Make me everyone’s little princess.


From under the door I could see,
Through a line of light,
Something that could not be,
A real world’s sensible sight.


What I saw was a tree,
Probably growing upside down,
Because left and right my eyes were free,
What’s up and down was never found,
I could only see its dark brown trunk,
Narrow below and above wide,
Was it real or was I drunk,
To understand, hard I tried.

Now it was night,
Dark of sight,
And nothing I was able to see,
Lights were gone,
Sounds were on,
But silence was still heard free,
I saw no tree,
No bush and no bee,
Not even a tiny green,
My room was a prison,
I was inside for a reason,
And under the door was my screen.

Keys cluttered against the bars,
Morning alarm kept my ears on scars,
From under the door I could see,
A world I made with my fantasy,
Because inside a cell,
It was a living hell,
And my mind could only make me free!!!


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