My Wish For You!


Together we stayed,
In a different world of ours,
Together we prayed,
And shared extraordinary powers,
You believed in God,
I believed in you,
Every story you told,
I considered it true.

Your tongue-twisting recipes,
Tortured me high,
But to make you smile,
I never gave up to try,
My reluctant habits,
And your scoldings rhymed,
But you always knew,
I was one of a kind.

We argued less, and talked more,
Everything I asked, got it right at door,
When there was a war, I was by your side,
And when you went slow, gave you a motivation ride,
Silly jokes and endless laughs,
Your crazy acts have their own class.

We may be apart,
In space but not heart,
In your every special moment,
I’d love to be a part,
Of all the moments,
That I couldn’t attend so far,
I think of them every day,
I think of them every hour.

The world may fail to keep you altogether,
Who you really are, will ultimately matter,
Keep your faith strong,
Always believe in something,
My wish for you is a prayer,
That only good will be your blessing!

Happy Birthday dear sis :)


You and the rain,
Are like the rail and the train,
When together, gives comfort,
When away, gives pain.

Your moist hair and the showers,
Hold their fragrance like the flowers,
When on my face, relaxes me more,
When taken aback, makes me sore.

That drizzle of freshness in your body,
And silent words in your cold breeze,
That awe of beauty in your style,
Makes the warm lands go freeze.

You and the rain,
Together make me insane,
And your every drop of love,
Makes me fall for you,
All over again….!!!


When the breath goes free,

And of words, silence is bereft,

When the heart beats in three,

And the fear is only left,

A tiny hope of ‘yes’,

Can still be kept,

And worries of the past,

Can also be swept,

You ought to find a way,

To stop the huge theft,

And learn to walk alone,

Out of your little nest,

Life may seem a struggle,

So become a person deft,

And when nothing goes right,

Turn left.


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